I hate being emotional. It’s so stupid, can I just be like a guy and not care about feelings?


Baby I want you to want me…

J. Cole feat. Miguel (Power Trip)

Can I Vent?

Hey guys…
I’m supposed to be doing my biology homework right now, but I feel like I’m going to cry, and I never cry.

I don’t really vent much, I’m more of the keep feeling inside type of person… Ha.

I know I make jokes about how “annoying” you guys questions, and replies are. I’m sorry, I really do like all of you guys.

It’s like sometimes, I think being a major bitch is just the thing to do… It’s not. 

There’s this guy, I don’t like him. He doesn’t like me for sure, we’re just friends. I think he’s pretty nice, we have so much in common it’s so crazy. 

The problem is… He doesn’t really know how to have genuine feelings for only one person, he always has to be toying with people’s emotions. 

I can’t get mad about that either, because like I said earlier I don’t like him. Or at least, I don’t want to. 

This is so pathetic, ok bye. 

Following spree, message me your everythings (twitter, Instagram). Hey you hot fucks?

Should I follow some of you on Instagram?.. Or no? Message me your Instagram names!

Hi tumblr.

It’s that time of the month again.
When I rant about a guy that none of you guys know.

Then you send me questions.

No party tonight… First time in a long time. 


I’m going to sit here and listen to Taylor Swift until I get who I want.


Tom has seen me at my worst, I’ve cried on his shoulder many times, Chad ruined my reputation for a while and is a huge flirt. Tom is everything.


You know when you’re like “mad”? I AM LIKE MAAAAAAAD. I was sitting on the floor, and the internet thing is in my room, I’m on the floor… Away from the internet. Suddenly my older sister is yelling for me to “TURN THE INTERNET BACK ON!!!” I am sitting on the floor, on twitter. Bro, the internet is on. Long story short, she ends up  failing a quiz because of the internet "failure" and now she has a C in one of her classes, and has to take a final. I didn’t even do anything though?

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